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Potential Sources of Botanical Extract Dyes

COUNT:640 DATE: 9/29/2015 9:25:25 AM

By S. Saxena and A. S. M. Raja

Botanical Extract Dyes

Botanical Extract Dyes are derived from natural resources and based upon their source of origin, these are broadly classified as plant, animal, mineral, and microbial dyes although plants are the major sources of Botanical Extract Dyes. As interest in Botanical Extract Dyes grew, information from the old literature was collected and traditional dyeing practices in different regions were documented and compiled by various researchers. Adrosko published a book on natural dye sources and processes for their application to textiles at the household level. DOBAG, the Turkish acronym for Natural Dye Research and Development Project, launched in Turkey with German assistance in cooperation with Marmara University, Istanbul in 1981 was a big success in reviving the lost art of producing naturally dyed carpets. Natural dyeing processes of India were documented in a book by Mohanty et al. Chandramouli also published a book on natural dyeing processes of India. Dyes traditionally used in the Scottish Highlands were reviewed by Grierson et al. Buchanan presented a detailed account of dye plants used for natural dyeing of textiles such as alkanet, annatto, chamomile, coreopsis, madder, safflower, indigo, and so on, and methods for dyeing of textiles with these. Later information on various dye-yielding plants, methods to grow them, harvesting dye parts, methods to dye wool and silk with them, and color shades obtained were also detailed by her. Research efforts by individuals and organizations and exchange of available information through various seminars, symposiums, workshops, and research articles have now revealed various natural dye sources. Plenty of information about different sources of Botanical Extract Dyes is now available in the literature. A brief account of the potential dye resources according to their source of origin is listed below.

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  • Curcumin

    DATE: 8/24/2016 3:22:55 AM


    Curcumin is obtained by solvent extraction of turmeric i.e. the ground rhizomes of natural strains of Curcuma longa L. In order to obtain a concentrated curcumin powder, the extract is purified by crystallization.
  • Beetroot Red

    DATE: 8/25/2016 2:01:44 PM

    Beetroot Red

    Beet Red Is Obtained From The Roots Of Natural Strains Of Red Beets ( Beta Vulgaris L. Var. Rubra) By Pressing Crushed Beet As Press Juice Or By Aqueous Extraction Of Shredded Beet Roots And Subsequent Enrichment In The Active Principle.
  • Lycopene

    DATE: 8/25/2016 1:06:59 AM


    Lycopene Is Obtained By Solvent Extraction Of The Natural Strains Of Red Tomatoes ( Lycopersicon Esculentum L. ) With Subsequent Removal Of The Solvent.
  • Beta Carotene

    DATE: 8/25/2016 1:01:41 AM

    Beta Carotene

    These Specifications Apply Predominantly To All Trans Isomer Of ^-Carotene Together With Minor Amounts Of Other Carotenoids. Diluted And Stabilized Preparations May Have Different Cis/Trans Isomer Ratios.
  • Chlorophylls

    DATE: 8/25/2016 2:09:25 PM


    Chlorophylls Are Obtained By Solvent Extraction Of Natural Strains Of Edible Plant Material , Grass, Lucerne And Nettle. During The Subsequent Removal Of Solvent, The Naturally Present Co-Ordinated Magnesium May Be Wholly Or Partly Removed From The Chlorophylls To Give The Corresponding Pheophytins.
  • Lutein

    DATE: 8/25/2016 1:03:43 AM


    Lutein Is Obtained By Solvent Extraction Of The Natural Strains Of Edible Fruits And Plants, Grass, Lucerne (Alfalfa ) And Tagetes Erecta. The Main Colouring Principle Consists Of Carotenoids Of Which Lutein And Its Fatty Acid Esters Account For The Major Part.
  • Paprika Extract

    DATE: 8/25/2016 2:06:41 PM

    Paprika Extract

    Paprika Extract Is Obtained By Solvent Extraction Of The Natural Strains Of Paprika, Which Consists Of The Ground Fruits Pods, With Or Without Seeds, Of Capsicum Annuum L., And Contains The Major Colouring Principles Of This Spice.
  • Purple Sweet Potato Pigment

    DATE: 3/4/2015 7:26:42 PM

    Purple Sweet Potato Pigment

    Purple Sweet Potato Color, a pure natural and water soluble food color produced by our company, is extracted from purple root tuber of edible purple sweet potato (Impomoea batatas ) planted locally. The process is checking, washing, slicing, extracting, filtrating, purifying, concentrating, sterilizing(purple sweet potato color liquid), spraying & drying(purple sweet potato color powder).
  • Gardenia Blue Pigment

    DATE: 3/17/2015 4:51:34 PM

    Gardenia Blue Pigment

    Gardenia Blue, a natural food pigment, is got from the gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides ELLIS) fruit of madder family by biological fermentation.
  • Radish Red Pigment

    DATE: 3/17/2015 5:07:56 PM

    Radish Red Pigment

    Radish Red(Red Radish Color), a pure natural and water soluble food color produced by our company, is extracted from Raphanus sativusL an edible red shell & heart radish which have a long planting history locally.

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