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Fruits and vegetables get their colors from Botanical Extract Dyes. There are almost 2,000 known plant pigments, including more than 800 flavonoids, 450 carotenoids, and 150 anthocyanins. They are wonderfully useful to humans: they make food appealing, tip you off to ripeness and flavor and help you tell apples from apricots. And, on top of that, they have health benefits!

In early days the leaves and roots of certain plants were used. This is the case even now in India and other places where traditional dyeing methods are still carried on.

There are two processes concerned with the dyeing of most colours; the first is mordanting and the second is the colouring or actual dyeing. The mordanting prepares the stuff to receive the dye (mordere, to bite).

Any Botanical Extract Dyes belongs to one of two classes. Substantive, giving colour directly to the material: and adjective, which includes the greater number of dyes and requires the use of a mordant to bring out the colour. All adjective dyes need this preparation of the fibre before they will fix themselves on it. The use of a mordant, though not a necessity, is sometimes an advantage when using substantive dyes.


Different mordants give different colours with the same Botanical Extract Dyes stuff. For example, Cochineal, if mordanted with alum, will give a crimson colour; with iron, purple; with tin, scarlet; and with chrome or copper, purple. Logwood also, if mordanted with alum, gives a mauve colour; if mordanted with chrome, it gives a blue. Fustic, weld, and most of the yellow dyes, give a greeny yellow with alum, but an old gold colour with chrome; and fawns of various shades with other mordants.

Mordants should not affect the physical characteristics of the fibres. Sufficient time must be allowed for the mordant to penetrate the fibre thoroughly. If the mordant is only superficial, the dye will be uneven: it will fade and will not be as brilliant as it should be. The brilliancy and fastness of Eastern Botanical Extract Dyes are probably due to a great extent to the length of time taken over the various processes of dyeing. The longer time that can be given to each process, the more satisfactory will be the result.

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